Running! That’s what happens in between all of the obstacles.  5K or 15k of open field. Great way to dry off some of the mud before the next...

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Making It as a Team!

Getting to the top of the Cargo Net Monster is tough. Getting to the top with your team is GREAT!!

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Costumes Add Silliness to Craziness

Costumes! We will immortalize you in all your silliness. You will NEVER forget! Promise.

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Love That Mud!

Okay, remember how much fun it was when you were a kid to play in the mud. Well it STILL IS FUN! Cut loose and get dirty. We will catch you at your muddiest.

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OMG, the MUD!

MDC-283Schlepping through the mud was a blast! Thanks for catching it.  You guys got some awesome shots.